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May. 8th, 2013

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Tue, 16 Apr 2013 / 1 Comment
Korablove is releasing AWKWART on KGBEATS. PREVIEW/REVIEW
NEW single from KORABLOVE : AWKWART is a PROMO, release MAY 1st
Today’s music enthusiasts require no special introduction to the Korablove Universe. The man and the creator in the center of this wonderful musical equilibrium is the most original artist and visionary in Russia today... His dream place is decorated by vintage posters of French street art, Soviet memorabilia, there are countless postcards with modern American buildings on them. look around an you will see many awkward items from thrift shops or Berlin, Detroit, Prague and London. Yes, there are computers and vintage drum machines, they live here too, you know... His place smells like ocean water, cigarettes and Cuban food and only sounds of the ocean outside can mix with the gentle sound of a dusty on his record player.
Korablove – is the man behind this year’s most innovative techno album Korablove - 'Walking in My Blues' , an amazing live band of one, talented remixer and a source of endless inspiration for many artists and deejays!
In this EP soon to be released on KGBEATS out of Chicago – the City Moscow as New Tokyo meets Saint Petersburg the Russian Kyoto by the supersonic dream train, which connects the simplified form with the romantic cultural spirit of the land where techno samurais walk freely. Two worlds collide – but he is there to save you from the chaos, he knows the way out through the debris and asphalt. He will take you to the place where you can be calm and see the sunrise.
Do not miss this release, make it part of your musical environment. Out on beatport on May 1st.


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