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Mia Wallace, no doubt is one of the brightest new faces on Chicago
underground scene, following up in footsteps of City’s deepest– Glenn
Underground, Delano Smith, Kerri Chandler, Larry Heard, Mia Wallace is
shearing their experiences with the world. Their first release
Framework, wad very well received by the underground across the world
and it’s only organic that music’s top producers from around the globe
connected to the vibe with their remixes.
In this pack you will find
a selection from producers who define today’s underground house music.
Unmistakable signature Fabric sound of UK’s Gareth Whitehead of Poker
Flat, Kling Klong and most recently, representing amazing new label
Bullet:Dodge is gracing ‘All of a Sudden’ with a nasty tech-house
re-working. ‘This is Who I am’ is remixed by mr. Werner Niedermeier
himself! Werner is an incredible DJ and producer his style is a unique
mix between underground NYC and warehouse Berlin. His talent is
celebrated by many fans and deejays alike, here at KGBEATS we are big
fans of Werner’s work on Broque, Jett, Sweat Lounge and Bullet:Dodge.
And if you crave slower and deeper sound – we suggest you check out work
by Seftmeista on ‘If I can’t have You’. We are hoping for a massive
support from the 6 AM community on this track. This track is recommended
by our A&R! Many of you, who follow KGBEATS releases, know about
our special friendship and relationship with Moscow’s top producer –
Korablove. In 2012 Korablove completed his top selling album ‘Walking in
My Blues’ and about 2 dozens of fresh remixes and original tracks for
Apparel, Pro-tez and Fuselab. His Mia Wallace remix is throwback to the
classic Cologne sound of electric house of the 90’s – sound which is
making a curious comeback in sets of Circoloco artists we all love!
but not least - intelligent and elegant remix of the ‘Wild Child’ from
Ben Verden and Master Seb aka String Brothers. Master Seb needs no
introduction – he is a man with a golden touch from Paris a deejay’s
deejay, collector, true pioneer and a legend! His career is written on
pages of French rave and underground history! In recent years, Master
Seb paired in the studio with Ben Vedren, a new school deep techno
producer to create massive original and remix tracks for Minibar, 240
Volts and KGBEATS!
There are 5 massive remixes in this pack; each of
them comes with its own history, background and attitude. We are sure
that you will pick your favorite to play out, chart, and enjoy at home!

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